e by Jose Andres


A dinner out of this world! That’s what dinner at e by Jose Andres is like. An alum of Ferran Adria, and a chef often credited with bringing small plates dining to the States, has made his mark on the Las Vegas strip. I’ve enjoyed dinner at Jaleo, and Bazaar Meats, but e is an adventure to be savored! Please enjoy and let your mouth water with this 23 course meal:

You are first greeted by Jose’s hand, handing you a warm towel.

Jose's Hand

Then comes the edible sangria, served in a wine bottle.


Yes, the pillows are edible but not the couch.

Eating with two spoons is sexy… it is:

IMG_3152Tiny pizza with Iberico Pork (placed on my hand for measurement)!

Iberico Chickpeas with Truffles… lots of them!


The spheres served on a spoon explode in your mouth, deliciously!

The meat!


The art of eating!

Then there was dessert!



Lots of it!

And then there was the wine pairing:

One of my favorite parts is watching the chefs carefully make dishes, with such precision and focus! Here’s to the chefs:

JPEG image-E5328004D600-1


Each dinner is unique. You’ll likely have a different menu if you visit. But it will surely impress!

Now go get your golden ticket!


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Cafe Saturdays – La Belle Terre

La Belle Terre - Sweets!

Ah, C’est le weekend!

Vegas is a great place to play pretend. On the strip you will find yourself in Paris, Venice, New York, etc. But off the strip, there are plenty of diverse cuisines just a short drive away. Though I do enjoy a nice day at the strip, for the most part I play pretend with other locals off-strip.

Today, I’m in France, chillin’ at La Belle Terre. It’s a super cute place, and don’t be surprised if you overhear a bit of french, the chefs are from St. Tropez (making my French brunch feel all the more realistic).

I’ve got a sweet tooth. Although lately it’s been dormant, I still enjoy a good bakery. And I have to say that this one wins the prize for best croissants in town! They are perfectly flaky, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. I know, makes my mouth water too. I’ve been known to spoil my co-workers with these croissants to my wallet’s discontent.

 La Belle Terre - Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich La Belle Terre - Breakfast Sandwich

Today, I went for the savory. Pictured above is the Breakfast Sandwich, a Ciabatta with ham, swiss cheese and egg omelet. The breads are freshly made here, and did I mention they are delicious?! The breakfast came with potatoes and a green salad on the side. My taste buds were pleased, and most importantly my tummy was filled with goodness.

La Belle Terre - Outdoor

Now excuse me, while I sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekend! Bon Appétit!

How are you enjoying the weekend?

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Brunchin’ in Las Vegas

If you’ve been to Vegas, you know there are endless possibilities for brunch. But when it comes to Brunchin’ in Las Vegas, this local has a favorite! I’ve tried most of the usual spots. But there’s one that keeps me coming back for more. DW Bistro! Sure they’ve got their pros and cons, but in my book the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot!

Shots for everyone! Bottomless Mimosas! Staying 'til closing time.

Shots for everyone! Bottomless Mimosas! Staying ’til closing time.

The con for me is that I am not the only local who seems to love this place… well, duh! So the wait times are crazy long! But that just reinforces how freakin’ good it is! Everyone wants to eat here, so much so, that many times I will bump into a friendly face! Another con is how crowded and loud it is, but I guess that comes with the territory when you are eating at the brunch place.

But enough about waiting to eat! Let’s talk about the food!

When it comes to breakfast, I am always torn between sweet and savory. Do I want the Pastry Basket or the Eggs Benedict? Luckily, on this particular visit my friend had a sweet tooth and I opted for a savory dish… and then we ended up eating each others dishes 😉 So I had the best of both worlds.

DW Bistro - Chilaquiles

DW Bistro – Chilaquiles

Savory: Chilaquiles. Hands down my favorite dish on the brunch menu! It’s made up of white corn tortilla, chicken, cheddar cheese, two eggs, lime infused sour cream, queso fresco, and other good stuff. It. Is. Good.

DW Bistro - Challah French Toast

DW Bistro – Challah French Toast

Sweet: Challah French Toast. You can get this one with strawberries or bananas. It comes drizzled in syrup. It is heaven on Challah!

And then there’s the bottomless mimosas (for those who prefer savory, I hear their Bloody Mary is delicious). They do not skimp on the bottomless part! My glass was never empty, and it wasn’t from a lack of drinking.

On this particular day, a fellow diner was in a celebratory mood and decided to buy shots for the entire restaurant. Two shots for each and every patron, to be exact. On retrospect, I probably should have declined this patron’s generosity… but then again, cheers!

Great brunch! And if you’re ever there for lunch, try the DW Spanish Chorizo with Shrimp, so good!

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Montana – Missoula & Yellowstone

ContrastSo you know how I’ve mentioned my bucket list? Well, Montana? Not in it either! Just like Indy, never thought I’d go there. I’d heard nice things. I’ve seen the No Reservations episode, it looked beautiful. And my uncle, who is a truck driver and has been to almost every corner of the country, once said he’d seen the most beautiful sunset in Montana. Still, I never even bothered to imagine it.

But one day, while discussing my boyfriend’s upcoming birthday, I mentioned I would take him to Portland, Oregon. Why? because we enjoy watching Portlandia, duh! And then I dropped the hint that he also wanted to visit Montana some day. And BAM! Two tickets to Missoula from a dear friend!

Montana is beautiful! I can’t tell you about the sunsets though. I was too busy looking at all the amazing countryside! True to my obsessive self, I wanted to see every corner of the state in our mere three days. But no! This new and improved traveler managed to settle on a few points of interest and focus on those. And so it was that I found myself in Missoula and Yellowstone in one weekend.

IMG_2507 Now, let me tell you something about my guy… he doesn’t like to plan. He’s the wing-it type of traveler. And you see, I’m quite the opposite. A travel contrast, if you will. I plan the sh!t out of my trips! Yea, sure, leave some room for spontaneity. But there are some things I need to know before I go. Namely: do I have a place to stay? I don’t really like the idea of roaming around in a foreign place, in the middle of the night, and not knowing where I will lay my head. Well guess what? that’s exactly what we found ourselves doing after a long day of flying, driving, and walking around Yellowstone.

No vacancy, read the signs. I went down the list of nearby hotels in Yelp and one by one they shut me down. I kept seeing myself being a random Bear’s dinner while sleeping in our crummy old rental. It turned out just fine. I threw caution to the wind and let myself see where this little adventure took us… not very far, as it turns out. Destination: Days Inn. Hey, at least there were comfy beds! It’s always an adventure with him, and although it might be quite a contrast from my plan-everything-kinda-gal, it certainly gives me the opportunity to learn a new, possibly more fun, way of doing things.

If you find yourself in West Yellowstone, Montana, for breakfast try The Running Bear Pancake House. The breakfast was delicious!

Yellowstone 1 But did I mention how beautiful Montana is? After a series of beach and urban trips, it was nice to go to the small towns and Yellowstone National Park. Man those geysers are a sight to be seen!

And then there’s the wildlife… I’m a scary cat, I know it. I have no desire to be bear food or be gored by bison. But my guy had other plans. He was all about the wildlife. We spotted some Elk, Deer, Bison, and a Bunny. But of course, no trip is complete without spotting a bear! He was dying to see a bear, and he got to talking with a park employee who clued us in on the perfect trail to spot one. So he buys some bear mace and so we go on our completely delusional mission to see a bear.

IMG_2759The trail was desolate, and I believe this is what let the fear set in. To make sure we were completely ready to battle a bear, my guy decides to test the bear mace… you know, so that he’s not fumbling with it in front of the bear. So funny how we were so fearful of the bear, when we should’ve been a bit more concerned about the imminent threat that a man with bear mace can be! Yup, he maced us! I think it’s hilarious! But of course, not so funny in the moment, when you are choking and it feels like your nostrils, throat, and eyes are burning! No bears were spotted. But that moment was one for the books. Have you ever been maced? Any wild encounters with wildlife? do share!


Missoula is a small town, with all the small town charm! The people were very friendly and the scenery breathtaking! A beautiful river runs through it (hint hint: have you seen the movie?). There are beautiful trails for hiking and biking. And if you ever find yourself in Missoula, make sure you go to the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop. The line forms around the block right after dinner time!