Sleepless in Seattle

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Yup, I was indeed sleepless in Seattle. Nope, not because of the beauty, although there was plenty of it to take in. Nor was I lovesick. I spent three nights in Seattle, and two of the three were nightmarishly scary!

Night #1. After arriving in Seattle late at night, we wanted nothing more than to fill our bellies and crash. We had been through a full day of work, and a flight. We went for Seattle’s own burger franchise, Dick’s. Nope, that wasn’t the scary part… the burger was ok. But that night I had the fright of my life when I woke up in the middle of the night with a stabbing pain coming from my back all the way to my chest. Every breath I took brought a piercing stabbing of pain that knocked the air right back out! As the drama queen that I am, I expected the worst.

“I am having a heart attack” I declared… to myself… in my head. Of course, these are not the symptoms of a heart attack.

I was with my guy, but I didn’t bother waking him. I debated calling 9-1-1, but I froze with panic.

“What if it’s nothing and I waste their time? I could be taking the place of someone who is truly ill!” – I reasoned with myself.

“Oh well, if I make it through the night, then it probably was nothing!” – My thoughts! What a crazy person!

Who remembers Real World Seattle?!?!

Who remembers Real World Seattle?!?!

It turned out fine. I barely slept that night because the pain was very stubborn and my crazy thoughts were even worse. I survived the night, and in the future I have decided I need to seek medical attention when scary things like these happen! You never know what it could be.

I had remnants of the pain throughout the weekend, but it didn’t keep me from seeing these beautiful sights!

Night #2. Now this one is for the books! Exhausted from a long day of touring around and taking in as much of Seattle as humanly possible, we both passed out as soon as our heads hit the pillows. But in the middle of the night I wake up to the sound of some jangling keys. I suddenly realize that someone is trying to get into our room! I could hear them putting a key into the keyhole (yes, this hotel is kind of old-school). I could hear them trying to force the knob open. Doesn’t work. They try another key. I hear whispers. I panic!

I wake my guy. “Someone’s trying to get in our room!” I say, with fear filling every corner of my body.

“Nah their probably trying to get in to the room next door” my guy says, half-asleep.

I shake him and say “Nope! Nope! They’re definitely trying to get into our room!” He falls back asleep.

Yup! If it’s up to my guy, we’d be dead meat! Again, I was only able to lay in bed with my crazy thoughts and staring at the door. Formulating escape plans, and cursing my guy for possibly sleeping through our very own horror movie!

He Smiles Because He Slept Through the Night!

He Smiles Because He Slept Through the Night!

Turns out it was just a pair of drunk tourists who confused our room for theirs. They never did get into our room.

Sigh of relief!

Definitely got a good scare, but now I can’t stop laughing about those two nights! Sometimes good scares make for great memories! Hope you got a good laugh!

But did I mention how beautiful Seattle is? I definitely want to visit again!

Chihuly Glass

Sleepless in Seattle - Life is My OysterHave you had any travel scares? do share! Have you been to Seattle? Any cool insider tips you’d like to share?

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