ipsy – July 2015

I have hundreds of samples! The result of months of ipsy glam bags. There are a lot of choices out there, with Birch Box, Curlbox, etc. So far I’ve enjoyed the Glam Bag, or ipsy. Although they’re supposed to be samples, they come in a very generous size. Enough to give each product a fair chance. It also keeps my make-up collection quite diverse, because I must admit some of these brands I’ve never even heard of! And some products I’ve actually bought after running out, which is kind of the point, right? Anyways, I just got my July bag and here’s what it brought:

ipsy - Face & HairOn the left we’ve got an exfoliating face cleanser. It’s grainy with some “micro-crystals,” and smells good. I am actually pretty happy I got this! I haven’t tried it, but with the ipsy bags I haven’t had the need to go out and buy a cleanser. I always get a new one by the time I’m running out of another.

On the right we have a sea salt hairspray. Unfortunately, mine spilled on the way here. So I only have half the bottle left. It does smell good though, and that’s usually my gripe with sea salt spray. They usually don’t have a very pleasant smell.

 IMG_2296 IMG_2295 July Bag

Then we have a Tarte waterproof bronzer, a Gel Effect Nail Lacquer by Aurora, and a ruby lip balm by be a… Bombshell.

The bronzer seems pretty good. Now the nail lacquer dried really fast after putting it on, which is awesome! I am always ruining my nails, and this time there’s not a smudge in sight! The color is a bright pink and very summery.

The lip balm has a very slight tint to it. It is also slightly heavy, or should I say greasy? I’ve had it on for about an hour and it’s still there. That’s both good and bad in my book. Good because I don’t have to be re-applying, bad because my lips feel a bit over-moisturized.

All in all, a good bag! The product I can do without is likely the sea salt spray. My hair doesn’t quite do the beachy look.

Have you tried any of the beauty subscription boxes? how do you like yours?

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