Currently Reading: Kitchen Confidential


I like to eat! And when it comes to food shows, No Reservations is my favorite. I like Bourdain’s no BS attitude, and when it comes to food porn, he knows what’s up! So it’s no surprise that the book that started it all is a great read!

The first chapters focus on his initiation into the food world, with stories about his childhood and the moment he decided to eat everything! Including his cherry-popping oyster moment:

“And I had my first oyster. Now this was a truly significant event. I remember it like I remember losing my virginity–and in many ways, more fondly.” – Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential.

It’s packed with interesting, and maybe even disgusting, insider tips of the restaurant biz. It certainly gives the reader a new perspective on dining out, by giving us a vivid description of a typical day for a chef.

Then there’s the infamous chapter From Our Kitchen to Your Table. I almost felt like whipping out my phone and creating list of warnings for myself:

  1. It’s Monday, are you sure you want to order that fish?
  2. Brunch? skip the hollandaise… or skip brunch altogether!
  3. Pass on the lemon in the water and perhaps the mussels too.
  4. And… well… maybe I can just read that chapter again!

It’s easy to sit and read this book, you can almost hear his voice in your head as you do. The writing is as colorful as his narrating in No Reservations, and it very easily paints a picture in your mind of the anecdote being told. I’m close to the end, but this is one of those that I’ll read again hoping to catch a gem I may have missed in the first run-thru.