Eating My Little Heart Out in Vegas

Oh Vegas! You fill my belly with such joy! I eat my little heart out and there’s always more out there to try! What can a girl do? Keep eating? Perhaps.

  1. La Cave at the Wynn Las Vegas. I went with some of my girlfriends to brunch a while back at La Cave, it’s a beautiful place with a balcony overlooking the outdoor grounds at Wynn Las Vegas. The concept is very interesting because you don’t quite order from a menu. Waiters come around with trays of food and you can take a dish if you like or pass if you don’t. Most of the dishes come in tiny cast iron pots and pans, so adorable! And the food was delicious! Pictured here are the Eggs Benedict, the Tater Tots, Pancakes, and Heirloom Tomato Salad. There was so much more, but the hunger was more powerful than the need for picture taking, you’ll just have to take my word for it, delicious! My Little Heart Out in Vegas
  2. Glutton. For some time now, I’d been wanting to try this restaurant. I’d heard great things! And a friend of mine pretty much guaranteed they have the best burger in town! I had to see for myself. Luckily, she joined me on this delicious date! It did not disappoint! The burger is juicy and soft, with all the usual flavors of a classic burger! Excuse me while I wipe the delicious juice running down the sides of my mouth! Located in Downtown Las Vegas, and I can safely say this is one of the better options out there. I vouch!Eat My Little Heart Out in Vegas
  3. Japañeiro Asian Fusion. This restaurant was recommended by the Chef at Guy Savoy, so I had to try! Pictured below are the Rock Shrimp, the Bone Marrow, the Lamb Chops, the Scallops, and the Fried Rice. The Bone Marrow was perfectly buttery and full of flavor! The Rock Shrimp were tangy and delicious as well! I have to say that the rice was a bit underwhelming. But frankly, I’m more about the meat and the fish anyways, and I can say that I’ll definitely be coming back for more! Eat My Little Heart Out in Vegas

When it comes to food in Vegas, you’ve got your vacation planning cut out for you with these tasty recommendations!

Brunchin’ in Las Vegas

If you’ve been to Vegas, you know there are endless possibilities for brunch. But when it comes to Brunchin’ in Las Vegas, this local has a favorite! I’ve tried most of the usual spots. But there’s one that keeps me coming back for more. DW Bistro! Sure they’ve got their pros and cons, but in my book the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot!

Shots for everyone! Bottomless Mimosas! Staying 'til closing time.

Shots for everyone! Bottomless Mimosas! Staying ’til closing time.

The con for me is that I am not the only local who seems to love this place… well, duh! So the wait times are crazy long! But that just reinforces how freakin’ good it is! Everyone wants to eat here, so much so, that many times I will bump into a friendly face! Another con is how crowded and loud it is, but I guess that comes with the territory when you are eating at the brunch place.

But enough about waiting to eat! Let’s talk about the food!

When it comes to breakfast, I am always torn between sweet and savory. Do I want the Pastry Basket or the Eggs Benedict? Luckily, on this particular visit my friend had a sweet tooth and I opted for a savory dish… and then we ended up eating each others dishes 😉 So I had the best of both worlds.

DW Bistro - Chilaquiles

DW Bistro – Chilaquiles

Savory: Chilaquiles. Hands down my favorite dish on the brunch menu! It’s made up of white corn tortilla, chicken, cheddar cheese, two eggs, lime infused sour cream, queso fresco, and other good stuff. It. Is. Good.

DW Bistro - Challah French Toast

DW Bistro – Challah French Toast

Sweet: Challah French Toast. You can get this one with strawberries or bananas. It comes drizzled in syrup. It is heaven on Challah!

And then there’s the bottomless mimosas (for those who prefer savory, I hear their Bloody Mary is delicious). They do not skimp on the bottomless part! My glass was never empty, and it wasn’t from a lack of drinking.

On this particular day, a fellow diner was in a celebratory mood and decided to buy shots for the entire restaurant. Two shots for each and every patron, to be exact. On retrospect, I probably should have declined this patron’s generosity… but then again, cheers!

Great brunch! And if you’re ever there for lunch, try the DW Spanish Chorizo with Shrimp, so good!

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