Miami in Full Color

Miami in Full ColorGraffiti is truly an art form! Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t help but admire the beauty and talent behind it. And in Miami you can see it in full color! You can find these beautiful works of art in the Wynwood neighborhood, located North of Downtown Miami. It is a neighborhood sprinkled with galleries, museums, and cute bars. Most of these pictures were captured by walking the exhibit at Wynwood Walls, and then some were captured on my way there.

Miami in Full ColorThe artworks are absolutely mesmerizing! There’s pops of color everywhere. Every corner you turn, every new block, or any side of an unsuspecting building can be secretly hiding a beautiful masterpiece. And if you’re lucky, you may just get a sneak peak at private banquet rooms that look like this:

Miami in Full Colorand like this with the lights off:

Miami in Full Color

Artists come from all over the world to paint the walls of Wynwood. Take for example, the first picture featured at the top of this post, it was painted by French artist Vanessa Alice Bensimon, a.k.a. Miss Van. Or even local artists (as in nationals), hailing from Brooklyn:

Miami in Full ColorAnd on the sidewalks, as you walk under the Miami sun, searching for the next piece of art to point and shoot, your feet step all over funny and beautiful quotes sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

Miami in Full ColorIf you are planning a trip to Miami, consider visiting Wynwood Art District. Perfect place to get some good food, maybe an ice cold beer for those hot Miami days, and take in all the sights. I also hear that it is absolutely beautiful at night. Spotlights light up the beautiful works of art, and they probably stand out beautifully in the dark of the night.

If you’d like more information about the art works and the talented artists behind them, visit The Wynwood Walls.