Eat Vegas – Restaurant Rundown

Oh yummy and delicious food, come to me now! Vegas is always sprouting with new and exciting places to eat, and when one embarks on the journey to try it all, it becomes a never ending journey to bankruptcy, haha! I joke, I joke! I eat Vegas all day, every day!

But in all seriousness, on my way to bankruptcy court (for work) I did observe as a lady who emerged from a car with a foodie logo walking into court. I guess this vice, like any other, can be financially crippling. But at least we are well fed! Cheers to that!

Eat VegasBut this post is not about finances, it’s about food! So let’s eat Vegas! Here are some delicious finds in the Vegas food scene:

  1. Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen. The menu is choc-full of Vietnamese staples. It’s got your pho (duh!), it’s got banh mi, it’s got the Vermicelli bowl, and so on. It’s a recent addition to the Vegas food scene, but the owners are seasoned pros, hailing from local favorite joints Le Thai and District One. I haven’t tried everything on their menu, but I can certainly vouch for the wings, the banh mi, the pho, and the vermicelli bowl! Delicious goodness that has had me coming back, sometimes numerous times in the same week!
    Eat Vegas
  2. Itsy Bitsy Ramen & Whisky. The first few minutes of being there, I was ready to jet. It was empty! And there was a bit of an awkward mood about it. But we decided to stick it out, and we were pleasantly surprised. I did not have the ramen and whisky, sorry! I was lured to their establishment with promises of a sushi burrito, and although their build-your-own-ramen menu was tempting, I stuck with the burrito! I was a bit skeptical at first, would it be wrapped in a tortilla? how is this going to work? is it just a sushi roll? It truly is just a beef sushi roll, but it’s good! Eat Vegas
  3. Harvest by Roy Ellamar. This place is delicious! The only way to describe my experience. I went for restaurant week, and I am certainly coming back for more! The menu for restaurant week was perfectly balanced. We were a party of four, so it was perfect for trying almost everything on the menu. And did I mention? Everything was delicious!!! The heirloom tomato salad was nice and light, and the spinach soup perfectly creamy with bursts of savory smoked ham hidden in every bite! But the pork belly! Oh my food gods, the pork belly! It was perfection! And check out the cute cocktail (first pic above)! Can’t go wrong. Note to self: must go back and try the snack cart, the smell of it was irresistible every time it rolled past our table (and from the looks of it, it has raving reviews)! Eat Vegas

East Coast Versus West Coast

A feud that will never die! Whether it’s Biggie v. Tupac, NYC v. LA, or in this case Shake Shack v. In N Out Burger, you’ve got to pick sides and you gotta do it quick!

Not really.

But who doesn’t enjoy a good East Coast versus West Coast debate?!?!

So Shake Shack made it to the west. It has for some time now, but it has quite taken off in Vegas… I mean… there’s two locations! Yes, two! I finally had the best burgers of both worlds just a drive away and I couldn’t help but do my own side-by-side!

East Coast versus West Coast

As a disclaimer: I am in the middle. I grew up an east coaster. In New York city to be exact. I loved it there, and still do. But for the most part, I think I just like to visit now, not very interested in living there at the moment. In my last year of high school I moved to Vegas. It was pretty hard on me at first because I had to do all the senior activities without my friends. I hated the place! But Vegas has grown on me, and I must say I love it!

Of course, In N Out is not originally from Vegas, but it is a west coast thing. And while I lived in NYC, I never tried Shake Shack in New York. I only tried it for the first time at the beginning of this year, in Miami. Kinda late to the Shake Shack game, I know. And to top it all off, I am not a burgers kinda gal… or am I???

East Coast versus West Coast
I’ve enjoyed In N Out for quite some time now. It is definitely my top choice when on a road trip from LV to LA. Their fresh ingredients, simple menu, and friendly atmosphere took all the negative out of the fast food joint. Their fries are so fresh, you may even catch them cutting the potatoes every once in a while (in a really cool contraption!). I like when menus are short and simple, it communicates to me that they know what they’re good at and that’s what I’ll be eating.

East Coast Versus West CoastShake Shack on the other hand, I’ve only tasted three times. It’s got less of a fast food vibe to it, maybe because it’s a fancier looking place? Maybe because it’s more expensive? Maybe because of it’s many choices… or is it that they sell beer??? You still stand in line to order, and then get your own order when it’s ready. And the ingredients seem just as fresh as those of In N Out… Maybe not the fries? I’m suspicious about their shape.

East Coast Versus West CoastEast Coast Versus West CoastBoth burgers are delicious, but side by side I’m gonna have to say that the Shack Stack takes the prize! That crispy Portobello mushroom with deliciously melted cheese inside makes my mouth water at the thought of it! When it comes to fries, my heart is with In N Out. They both have an assortment of shakes, but I do appreciate the simplicity of In N Out’s menu. I have found myself unable to take in all of Shake Shack’s menu even after visiting three times! That’s not a completely bad thing though.

All in all, I would say that my preference for In N Out and Shake Shack is much like my affection for NY v. LV. I love them both, but one is for regular visits and the other is for the special occasions. Now let me make this post a special occasion and grab me a delicious Shack Stack!

Which one is your favorite?

Cafe Saturdays (On Sunday) – PublicUs

You know a place is good when you can’t stop reading about it in your Facebook feed! Well, at least that’s been my experience. And PublicUs is a winner in my book.


It’s a cute place in Downtown Las Vegas, on the corner of Maryland and Freemont. It doesn’t have a huge sign to announce it’s presence, but if you find it, you may want to stop by!

PublicUs - The SweetsThey have an assortment of pastries that look mouth-watering good! Except, I haven’t tried them so don’t take my imaginary word for it (haha!). What I have tried are the savory items on the menu, and I like!

PublicUs - Savory DishesPictured Above (starting from top left):

  1. Shishito peppers. Delicious! Served with green onions, and a delicious Sambal Gastrique! That red glaze made it so tasty! We asked the server what the sauce contained but no luck, it’s a delicious mystery!
  2. The Cu-Ban-Mi Sandwich. I really liked this sandwich! It had pickled veggies, which made it crispy and tasty all at the same time. It comes with a side of green salad and some potato chips.
  3. The Fried Chicken. I was a bit hesitant about this one because I don’t usually do chicken, and I am not into kimchi (sorry!). But man the chicken was perfectly crisp on the outside and perfectly juicy and tender on the inside. I mixed the egg with the rice and included a piece of chicken in every mouthful, a delight! This was recommended by a staff member, and I am glad he did!
  4. The Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich. This one was a bit of a disappointment. If you know me, you know I like my pork belly, but here I wasn’t very interested. It might’ve been the sweet potato? I couldn’t tell you.

PublicUs - The DrinksAt PublicUs, they have an eclectic beer selection. I’m going to say that sour beer is not for me, but I’m glad I tried it. Then there was the green tea with citrus, a blend of lime, green tea, and orange juice. It was tasty, and very different. It was still not a sweet drink, despite the juices, so I liked it.

And then they have this insane coffee machine that looks like a classic car. You know, the ones you see riding down the road, with black and platinum colors, and it probably cost a pretty penny. I had to try whatever concoction came out of that thing! What I thought was odd was that they sweeten the coffee for you.  It was sweet enough for my taste, but I still found it weird. The coffee was good, and I loved the little cookies it came with. Nice touch!

I like this place! Have you been? Let me know what else is good!

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e by Jose Andres


A dinner out of this world! That’s what dinner at e by Jose Andres is like. An alum of Ferran Adria, and a chef often credited with bringing small plates dining to the States, has made his mark on the Las Vegas strip. I’ve enjoyed dinner at Jaleo, and Bazaar Meats, but e is an adventure to be savored! Please enjoy and let your mouth water with this 23 course meal:

You are first greeted by Jose’s hand, handing you a warm towel.

Jose's Hand

Then comes the edible sangria, served in a wine bottle.


Yes, the pillows are edible but not the couch.

Eating with two spoons is sexy… it is:

IMG_3152Tiny pizza with Iberico Pork (placed on my hand for measurement)!

Iberico Chickpeas with Truffles… lots of them!


The spheres served on a spoon explode in your mouth, deliciously!

The meat!


The art of eating!

Then there was dessert!



Lots of it!

And then there was the wine pairing:

One of my favorite parts is watching the chefs carefully make dishes, with such precision and focus! Here’s to the chefs:

JPEG image-E5328004D600-1


Each dinner is unique. You’ll likely have a different menu if you visit. But it will surely impress!

Now go get your golden ticket!


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Cafe Saturdays – La Belle Terre

La Belle Terre - Sweets!

Ah, C’est le weekend!

Vegas is a great place to play pretend. On the strip you will find yourself in Paris, Venice, New York, etc. But off the strip, there are plenty of diverse cuisines just a short drive away. Though I do enjoy a nice day at the strip, for the most part I play pretend with other locals off-strip.

Today, I’m in France, chillin’ at La Belle Terre. It’s a super cute place, and don’t be surprised if you overhear a bit of french, the chefs are from St. Tropez (making my French brunch feel all the more realistic).

I’ve got a sweet tooth. Although lately it’s been dormant, I still enjoy a good bakery. And I have to say that this one wins the prize for best croissants in town! They are perfectly flaky, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. I know, makes my mouth water too. I’ve been known to spoil my co-workers with these croissants to my wallet’s discontent.

 La Belle Terre - Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich La Belle Terre - Breakfast Sandwich

Today, I went for the savory. Pictured above is the Breakfast Sandwich, a Ciabatta with ham, swiss cheese and egg omelet. The breads are freshly made here, and did I mention they are delicious?! The breakfast came with potatoes and a green salad on the side. My taste buds were pleased, and most importantly my tummy was filled with goodness.

La Belle Terre - Outdoor

Now excuse me, while I sit back, relax, and enjoy the weekend! Bon Appétit!

How are you enjoying the weekend?

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