Eat Vegas – Restaurant Rundown

Oh yummy and delicious food, come to me now! Vegas is always sprouting with new and exciting places to eat, and when one embarks on the journey to try it all, it becomes a never ending journey to bankruptcy, haha! I joke, I joke! I eat Vegas all day, every day!

But in all seriousness, on my way to bankruptcy court (for work) I did observe as a lady who emerged from a car with a foodie logo walking into court. I guess this vice, like any other, can be financially crippling. But at least we are well fed! Cheers to that!

Eat VegasBut this post is not about finances, it’s about food! So let’s eat Vegas! Here are some delicious finds in the Vegas food scene:

  1. Le Pho Vietnamese Kitchen. The menu is choc-full of Vietnamese staples. It’s got your pho (duh!), it’s got banh mi, it’s got the Vermicelli bowl, and so on. It’s a recent addition to the Vegas food scene, but the owners are seasoned pros, hailing from local favorite joints Le Thai and District One. I haven’t tried everything on their menu, but I can certainly vouch for the wings, the banh mi, the pho, and the vermicelli bowl! Delicious goodness that has had me coming back, sometimes numerous times in the same week!
    Eat Vegas
  2. Itsy Bitsy Ramen & Whisky. The first few minutes of being there, I was ready to jet. It was empty! And there was a bit of an awkward mood about it. But we decided to stick it out, and we were pleasantly surprised. I did not have the ramen and whisky, sorry! I was lured to their establishment with promises of a sushi burrito, and although their build-your-own-ramen menu was tempting, I stuck with the burrito! I was a bit skeptical at first, would it be wrapped in a tortilla? how is this going to work? is it just a sushi roll? It truly is just a beef sushi roll, but it’s good! Eat Vegas
  3. Harvest by Roy Ellamar. This place is delicious! The only way to describe my experience. I went for restaurant week, and I am certainly coming back for more! The menu for restaurant week was perfectly balanced. We were a party of four, so it was perfect for trying almost everything on the menu. And did I mention? Everything was delicious!!! The heirloom tomato salad was nice and light, and the spinach soup perfectly creamy with bursts of savory smoked ham hidden in every bite! But the pork belly! Oh my food gods, the pork belly! It was perfection! And check out the cute cocktail (first pic above)! Can’t go wrong. Note to self: must go back and try the snack cart, the smell of it was irresistible every time it rolled past our table (and from the looks of it, it has raving reviews)! Eat Vegas

National Hot Dog Month!

There seems to be a national day for just about everything! And there’s a national hot dog month/day, and it’s in July. I’m not a fan of hot dogs, but ain’t nothing wrong with celebrating a day that recognizes food! Here in Vegas we have a few restaurants with unique hot dog recipes, and I decided to try the three most popular ones so you don’t have to 😉

IMG_2826First we have Street Dogs! Street Dogs is a Venezuelan food truck that serves a variety of Venezuelan fare. They have ultra-delicious arepas, burgers, and other delicious things, in addition to the hot dog. The hot dog is topped with an assortment of yummy things, including your choice of beef, chicken, or pork. One thing you will quickly learn about me is that among all delicious choices of meat, I gravitate towards delicious-finger-licking pork. So here I am with my porky street dog. I can say it was pretty good, but this one won’t turn me to the dark side (that’s the side of hot-dog lovers).

Chefini'sNext, Cheffini’s. This one is located inside the Container Park. It has a big selection of interesting hot dog recipes. You can get it with bacon, caramelized onions, quail egg, potato chips, pork belly, jalapeños, spicy mayo…. wait… did you say pork belly???? Sold! Yup, I gravitate towards pork! And when there’s pork belly involved, the pull is even greater! So I decided to get The Grand Father dog, because? you guessed it: it has pork belly. Sadly, the pork belly pieces were scarce and not nearly as flavorful as I prefer them to be. This was not a winner in my book. I believe I’ve tried their namesake dog before, and liked it. Not a fan of The Grand Father. My pork belly has led me astray 🙁

But if there is a hot dog that can turn me, it’s probably this one:

BuldoggisBuldogis! Yummy! This restaurant also has an assortment of toppings to meet your ultimate hot dog needs. And of course, I had to order me one with pork belly! This one is called the Banh Mi Dog. Now, it wasn’t just the pork belly that made me turn to this one, it was also my desire to re-live a delicious Banh Mi with pork belly I enjoyed on a recent trip to D.C. Whatever it was that led me to order this dog, I am glad it did. This was by far the most delicious hot dog I’ve had! It came with pork belly, banh mi slaw, cilantro, and sriracha mayo. So good! With this one I felt I commemorated the hot dog deliciously on this most important hot dog day!

What do you like on your hot dog?