About Me – Life is My Oyster

Hello! I’m Sarah. Welcome to my blog! I love to eat, travel, read, and experience life!

Miami Beach


Why “Life is my oyster”? Although this saying comes from the idea that if you have wealth the world is yours, I see it differently. I am by no means rich, but life is still something beautiful to experience and, if you’re so inclined, delicious to eat!

A little bit about me: I am from the Dominican Republic, raised in New York City, and right now hailing from Las Vegas, NV. I try to go somewhere new every chance I get, and eat something delicious on the way.



Through this blog I hope to share my adventures in traveling, eating, and plain-old living. I hope you enjoy, and in turn share your adventures with me.


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  1. I loved what you wrote,Sarah. Your pictures are great and I loved your insights. It’s fun to hear your descriptions. Very nice work. My sister commented to me today how much she liked your stories. I look forward to more. Xoxoxo ?

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